They are cooks, cleaners, wait staff. They are welders, electricians, and construction workers. They are nurses, physicians, and live-in caregivers. They are manual labourers in greenhouses and throughout the agricultural sector. Residents of Saskatchewan have direct and indirect encounters with them on a daily basis, whether it is each time they order a double-double, access health care, or purchase some locally grown produce.

They are the migrant workers of Saskatchewan.

We are a Saskatchewan-based group of researchers interested in the factors associated with the health and safety of migrant workers in Saskatchewan.

Here you will find the rationale and the latest results on the study.


The number of Temporary Foreign Workers in Saskatchewan has increased by 310 percent since 2005, yet there is little systematic understanding of their actual experience of work and residency in Saskatchewan. In 2014, there was an estimated 11,000 TFWs in the province.

This action-oriented research program represents an innovative collaboration between fields of study and also between institutions: applicants are based at the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine and the University of Regina Faculty of Business Administration. As well, a knowledge user co-applicant within the team is directly involved in frontline public health practice and decision-making as a manager of frontline programs within Saskatoon Health Region.

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Our Team

We are a team of health and policy researchers from the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina dedicated to issues surrounding the health care access and health outcomes of migrant workers in Saskatchewan.

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